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Article List
"Instinct & Feeling: Jove Wang's Oil Painting Book"
Southwest Art Magazine
"Where Life and Art Meet" [full text]
Southwest Art Magazine Oct 2002 Issue
"A Painting Journey through China : Jove Wang's Workshop 2001"
California Art Club Newsletter April 2002 Issue
"Visual Arts, Chinese Artist Jove Wang" [full text]
California Art Club Newsletter April 2002 Issue
"5 Chinese Artists Discover Freedom in America"
American Artist Magazine Feb 2002 Issue
"Homecoming in China" & "Wang as Teacher"
The Plain Air Scene Feb 2002 Issue
"Jove Wang a Master at 37"
The Plain Air Scene June/July 2001 Issue
"Artist Profile Dinner with Jove" [full text]
California Art Club Newsletter Feb 1998 Issue
"Jove Wang" [full text]
American Artist Magazine Feb 2002 Issue
"Artist to Watch"
Southwest Art Magazine Sep 1999 Issue
"Best of Show: Father by Jove Wang"
Art Talk Magazine Aug/Sep 1997 Issue
"Best of Show Award was Presented to Jove Wang"
San Marino Tribune News Thur. 10 July 1997
"California Art Club’s 88th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition"
California Art Club Newsletter Oct/Nov 1997 Issue

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